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Star Stuff

According to one of the greatest minds of our generation, Carl Sagan, everything is made up of star stuff, chemicals and elements that stars consist of. Some part of you could be from a star, thousands of years old, other parts, maybe millions, or billions. Everything you see now is made up of gazillion minuscule atoms, which is the smallest neutral particle. I’m not going into the physical details as my feeble understanding of physics constrain me, but it is awesome, nonetheless.

Forget, for a brief moment, the creationist theory that Man was created by God, forget the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. Forget that ours is the only special planet where life exists, that above us there is Heaven, and below, Hell. Forget everything religion has taught you about our universe, only for a while, and open your mind and curiosity as you had done during your earliest years on this planet. Summon the inner child in you and let it wander freely.

Let’s, for a moment, assume that it is true, that we ARE star stuff, that at some point in the life of one or more of the atoms that makes us, we were part of a star, pulsating through time and space, illuminating the darkness beyond. Imagine that we were part of a star that had a Solar System, maybe more or less similar to ours, millions of years before our own. Civilizations existing in habitable planets there would have worshipped us, as ancient ones in our own Earth did the sun. I feel awesome already.

I wonder how advanced the technology in that planet would’ve progressed before we, their sun, died, consuming maybe the whole Solar System only to perish in a massively unimaginable implosion, scattering us over all the corners of the universe. Were they able to crack the code for time travel? Did they succeed in interstellar travel? I have a lot of questions I’d like to ask them, not all related to technology, of course, like did they also have to deal with pissed girlfriends? Did religion play an important role in their society? Did they have a society at all? Or governments? Were they corrupted too? etc etc.

When people/aliens/living things die, the particles they consist of dissolve, maybe into the ground, maybe in the water or simply incinerated to be dispersed as smoke in the air, never destroyed or lost. Then what about the memories? What about the time when, as a kid, he fell and Dad picked him up? When he got his first pimple? Or when he got into college? When his Dad passed away? When he got married? What about the time he believed that he had found something in life worth living for? All those memories cannot be lost, can it? What about intelligence?

I’d like to think that memories are what makes us. The star stuff that we are made of, also could contain memories, maybe from an individual that existed millions of years ago, or from individuals from different eras and different corners in the timeline of our universe. And intelligence. If so, this could possibly explain the crazy, messed up, out-of-this-worldly dreams I’ve had had. And the ones where I wake up with a brilliantly ingenious idea on how to fix just about anything. Or maybe I was just stressed and sleep-deprived.

There is a saying somewhere on the internets about us being born too soon to explore the cosmos, and too late to explore the earth. What if this were not true? What if we had the chance to travel beyond our own Solar System, beyond our galaxy? What if a light-year were as trifle as a kilometer, or a meter, and that we have access to transportation that has the technology to travel 100 Light-years/hr? (Being a person who science, I also understand the impossibility, but just go with the flow, bro/ho! NOI! NOI!) I’d like to visit the theoretically inhabitable exoplanets beyond our galaxy, to see what kind of life exists, if at all, not that I’m bored with this planet, but I already have Google Street and Facebook.

If I get to see one Alien, in the flesh, in this short lifetime of mine, I’d die happy. Hell! I’d even let it eat me with a grin on my face, but only after asking a few questions. So, now, let’s get back to believing and having faith, because as long as we are alive, faith and hope is the only thing that drives us to get out of bed each morning to do the same thing we’ve done over and over again, though it helps to keep an open mind.

“It’s not who you are, but what you do that defines you” – The Batman!




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