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Land of Dreams

In the land of dreams I awoke, where impossible things are an impossibility.

With skies the color of my inner peace, and stars shining bright in broad daylight,

It was a perfect day indeed, but then again, it always is.

White clouds float silently above, as the golden sun shines the light of love all around.

I walked the streets of happiness and glee, where sadness did not have a name,

Where hatred was an ancient beast, now extinct, and envy was no more.

Where logic and rationality both contend for existence, but dissolve into nothingness.

A place where hope and faith were freed from their social shackles, and roamed unbounded,

All my twisted and wildest fantasies come to life, my own little private utopia.

I meet the people I loved but lost, and the ones I missed the most

They beckon me to them, and I embrace them with tears of joy

I rest my head upon their lap .. as I slowly slumber back to reality.




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