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Love is what Love does

I haven’t been inspired enough lately to make any post, it seems whenever I decide to start something, my mind wanders elsewhere. I’ve been a little obsessed with time, space and multiple dimensions, Carl Sagan and the theories he professes… etc etc.. Then I came across Aduhi’s Post and it gave me ample reason to post this followup.
I’m not the most romantic guy, or ‘zei’ or ‘CK’ or… you get my drift. I’ve tried, pretty hard too, but I guess I’m not that type. I was always uncomfortable around the opposite sex, probably still am, not great with the ladies, and even if I do talk to one, I’d probably bore her to death. I don’t know what girls like to talk about.
I’ve read countless magazines where they write that girls like to talk about themselves, you should compliment them, blah blah… never works out if you don’t say it right. A tall, dark and wholesome guy may utter total nonsense and girls would simply swoon and feed on anything that escapes his lips, while in one corner, I would timidly be mumbling something worthwhile, yet be simply overlooked.
But then once in a while, a girl comes along with whom I would feel totally at home with. Uptil now, I’ve met exactly 2 of them. The first recently got married. She was a few years older than me, and it didn’t matter. We weren’t a couple, we were just very good friends. I could talk to her about anything under the sun. She was like an older sis with whom I can discuss anything I can’t with my older sis.
I don’t think I need to elaborate much on the second one. Fifth year along and we’re still great together. We do have arguments, dramatic fights but the patching up is always better than the last.
Years ago, a single me used to think that relationships are as rosy and beautiful as the ones you’d see on hollywood flicks. A world where as long as two people love each other, the universe would fall into place and everything would work out for them. That’s partly true, but they forgot the fine print, the part where there would be hardships to endure, doubts to do away with, temptations to face and bad memories to share before they get to the happy ending.
I used to have a list back then, but now, that list has become pretty redundant. I guess when you love someone, its not the things that you love about them, but rather the little things they do which makes you mad that makes you love them so much more. I know, it sounds mushy-gushy, but I can’t put it in words better than that.
AND, Mr.Sandman is probably right about guys blogging anything remotely related to their girl, if you’re a guy, that is. I’d probably be ecstatic if she blogs about anything I do, be it the last time I woke up and didn’t know where I was, or the time I went for a concert and didn’t remember enough to give a report, or the time… and that one time when.. doesn’t matter what.
BUT, for the record, here is my list:
1. Loving
2. Cooks pork better than I do
3. Beautiful
4. Independent
5. Respected by peers
6. Hard working
7. Loves animals
8. Stylish and smells nice
9. Loves her mom
10. Laughs on SouthPark 🙂



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