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Suffocated (Random Posts IV)

– Governments. They become an embodiment of the very Powers they once tried to overthrow. Their words are empty, their promises weak. In the desert, they lead you to the water, then make you fetch it to quench their thirst, while watching you slowly wither away in the scorching heat.

– Sometimes, the easiest way to lose something is to want it too badly.

– The summer heat is getting to my head. Promises of rain with the humidity, yet none, not even a drizzle.

– Is being religious the same as being spiritual? Cos’ I don’t know the difference anymore. How can the Church justify eagerly accepting the Black Money in their overflowing coffers from corrupt officials everyone knows so well, yet are too scared to speak out against lest they be stigmatized! How does it justify supporting Missionaries with the same money used to deprive the poor of their daily bread? Does not that make us as un-Godly as the mass we are trying to convert? What gives us the right to be this self-righteous?

– If sex is so taboo, why are there so many unwed mothers, teen pregnancies and Tv.Pathlawis in Mizoram? Why is the cost of a “bastard” (NOI) still 30rs, when cellphones don’t come cheaper than 1000rs? Are we still clinging to the medieval perception that women are still below men? Sure, you have examples of women failing their duties as wives, but don’t you have more examples of men failing to be the MAN they are supposed to be? Yet your woman would stand behind you no matter what! Would you do the same for her?

– Music Videos. Why does every Tommy, Dicky and Harrietta think they sing better on video than on LIVE! It’s sad. Advice: If you don’t sound nice LIVE, you don’t sound good at all. Trust me,  cos’ I didn’t make a Music Video, did I? And if you think showing some skin on video is gonna help, well, you’re so goddamn wrong. I mean, It’s Mizoram for Chrissake, the more you show, the less you’re seen. Sure, some desperate souls may be callin’ the number over and over after dark, but there’s more of day than night back home! Get over it, esp. that chick with the nose-ring, who poses a lot in her video, in mini’s, don’t remember the song, but who does, right!!

– And unless you’re comfortable with your relation with the Almighty, don’t dare sing Gospel songs. My generation has seen an example in Amy Grant, who went on to sing love songs after being famous for singing Gospel.

Blackestred: How did that work for you, Amy?

Amy: Not so great, no self-respecting Christian would buy my album.

Blaclkestred: How does that affect your career as a musician?

Amy: Well, majority of my audiences were Christians.. blahblahblah!

Blackestred: Well, Amy, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. We love our heroes, but we love more to see them fall!

(End of imaginary interview with Amy!)

– Lastly, Sis is getting married on 30th April. Going home for the same. I’ve been on a diet for the past few weeks and I’d give anything for deep fried alu, damn! I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist (Didn’t think there’d be that much to lose anyway!)  Bought me a suit which fitted fine on the top, but had to increase the waist on the bottom. NOT embarrassing at the store! Hopefully next is my turn.. hehehe… unless li’l sis elopes with some Emo guy, which, hopefully, is a remote possibility!

– Cheers to all my readers!


“Call me superstitious but…” I just saw this again today, and it reminded me how far I’ve come. Thanks again to all who take this detour on their quest for Virtual Hilarity and Dis-enlightenment!




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