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Environmentally Unfriendly

Lately I’ve been a little concerned about the environment, well, little may be an exagerration since I haven’t made any resolutions or taken any steps towards making my contibution, but I do use CFL’s. 😛 I know that it all boils down to each individual to try and make a change, but how do we know how much difference we do make? The impact would be as little as dropping a grain of sugar in the ocean trying to make it sweet.
There was a movie documenting underwater life called “The Blue Planet”. It showed whole ecosystems underwater living off the warmth and minerals and chemicals spewed out by underwater geysers. We know more about outerspace than we do our oceans and the life under them. I was surprised to know that there was an underwater beach! Well, technically it wasn’t a beach per se, sure, there’s sand and water, but you’d need the sun for a beach. At the ocean floor, there was a lake-type formation, and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, probably next to a picture of the milky way.
Sometimes, its discouraging to see that no matter how much effort you (try to) make to reduce your carbon footprint, there are so many others who just do not give a flying rat’s ass. I don’t think its ignorance anymore, its just plain irresponsibility. Our gift of free will is easily misused.
I’ve searched for dustbins so many times in vain, while out in the city streets holding stuff I need to dispose. I think the Govt. can get people to co-operate better if they install trashcans in every corner of each city, instead of hoarding boards urging people to “THINK” about their environment. I don’t think any self-respecting person would throw crap wherever it fits if they see a garbage bin nearby, I know I wouldn’t.
Take for instance, the Paan. Indians are known for eating Paan, but then again, betelnut is not even exclusive to India. Its the 2nd largest cash-crop in Taiwan! After Rice! ( I’ve once watched a piece on the Travel and Living channel, and they eat the same way we do. But you don’t see lime smears on their city walls and poles, layered thick enough it makes you wonder whether people actually put it on or take if off from such surfaces.
It sure makes a great excuse, too. The story where the govt. installed images of Hindu dieties to discourage people from spitting on walls, only to find the same people making an effort to get the job done on the areas where its blank, is well known. It gives a whole new meaning to the term “Painting the town red!” 😛
And that’s just the garbage part. There’s so many other things that makes the fight for the planet so futile. In “The Eleventh Hour”, there was an Environmentalist (Don’t remember his name) who said that the Industrial Revolution was based on the belief that our planet has endless resources to fuel our growing need for commodities, produced by carbon emitting, resource guzzling machines we have created.
But now we know better, and that is why we need to rethink the way we design things from scratch. The beautiful part is that that is a revolution in itself. Imagine a world where we live in Harmony with nature, where each decision is made with the effect on nature added to the equation. Sure, it may not be possible to create something that has simply no negative consequences to the environment, but the try is worth every bit.
Although we have advanced in leaps and bounds in the fields of Science and Technology, would we be willing to take a step backward, even one step, for the environment? Or would we be willing to put the advancement on hold and focus on making it better and more efficient? In “Jarhead”, there was a scene where the Marines marched through the burning Oil-Fields of Iraq, (Supposedly set afire by Saddam) and someone said that it was the earth bleeding. I guess it was.
The population of our Earth is increasing rapidly, and people are living longer each day (No offense meant, tho’), water is getting scarce, food is not getting any easier to obtain, and the cost of living is sky-rocketing. Pretty soon, what is inevitable only in Apocalyptic movies may soon become reality. I guess the only saving grace may be that the newer generations in more developed countries are becoming aware of this madness, and are trying to make a change, while others in the third-world are glad just to be alive.


I am bounded in chains, dying to break free, yet sacred if I might.

These chains are what defines who I am and where I am going.

Some chains are bounded to my body, restricting movement in the physical dimension.

Others are bounded to my heart, tearing down my guilt each time I make a wrong move.

Still yet, others are bounded with those around me, we move as one, or we don’t move at all.

These chains don’t break easy, and cause hurt when they are broken.

Some hurt more, and some hurt less, some heal over time, and some never does.

Some makes you wish you’d want to die, while some are pleasant in a painful way. (or painful in a pleasant way!)

The chains that bind my heart is weak, but hurts much more when I tend to falter ,

Which makes it that much harder to break, even if the want is grave.

I hate these chains, yet I am nothing without them, an uncivilized being,

I yearn for freedom, but the chains would question me “What, indeed, is freedom?

Isn’t Free Choice the ultimate freedom? Don’t you have Free Speech to voice your heart?”

“Yet Free Action is in the hands of the Powerful!” I retorted, “Shouldn’t that be the Ultimate Freedom?”

And I could feel the pain pulsating, at every interval the blood rushes through my veins.

I braved the pain, I ripped the chains off my body, screaming silently in excruciating agony,

I tore off the ones that cradled my heart, a tattered bloody organ was what’s left,

Carefully removing the last few chains that had confined me to my world, lest I cause others discomfort,

I finally broke free from the chains, but now shunned away, for I was unlike any other,

Is this the price of freedom? Pain before and solitude after? I looked back in history… and wondered..



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