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Confused and lost (Random Posts III)

– Lately I’ve been confused.. thats about it.

– I like Homer, how he hates his job, his boss, how he wants to be a better person, become more successful, try his hand at other fields which always backfires. Little does he know that he always has Marge to back him up, even when he’s stuck in the deepest and darkest of pits. I guess it teaches us that even though we may not always have the best of everything, things can always be worse off. 😛 As long as you have someone who love you,  you are better off than a lot of people.

– My dreams are my reality, my nightmares, my perception.

– If everyone lives a noose around their necks, would you pull yours or others’ first?

– I wonder if life was as colorless back then as it was in movies and photographs? cos’ I can’t remember how it was, can’t picture what color they would be when I look at them now.

– Can’t wait to get back home for holidays, to the quietness of the hills, to the peaceful life, slow and serene. Sometimes the city noise drowns my thoughts, clouds my vision and shows me only what I want to see, what I want to hear, what I want to feel. It makes me numb to the rest of the world and only see where I want to go. I need a break from the madness that has become me.

– Maybe the reason sports is so attractive is because theres only winners and losers, no consolation prizes, no sympathy for the fallen, only glory for the victor.

– If I’d said the things I’d left unsaid, and did the things I’d left undone….

– Everyone wears tattoos, not necessarily on their skin. A badge, an insignia, an affiliation to a group they feel safe behind, a club, a gang.. an endless list of insecurities.

– I’ve heard that the Earth has all the time in the world, but we humans don’t. We may destroy each other, cause WWIII and global warming, deplete the natural resources, hasten 2012 and make scarce everything left alive. But life is IN the planet, and it will generate another specie, whether they be humans or otherwise, who will start anew the whole process all over again. And cockroaches? they’d probably still survive!

– If math is the universal language, music would be the universal truth!

– Sometimes love requires more patience than passion, more misunderstandings than agreements, more pains than pleasures, more tears than laughters, but in the end, love is the only thing that matters.

– I thought I’d make a happy “last one before going home” post, but something I saw this morning totally changed my mood. I stepped out to take a breath of the fresh, chilly december morning air when I saw this little girl carrying a plastic bag where neighbours had poured their left-over dal from the night before, following her mother door-to-door, collecting rice and chapatis, collecting their meal for the day. When I saw how happily the girl tagged along her mother, my heart held back a tear. I haven’t seen anything so heart-wrenching in a long time, and it made me feel human again. I’ve so many things to add to my list of “Sights that make me wanna tear my heart out”, but this would be one of the top in the list.

– I realized how selfish I’ve become, thinking about what I’d do when I get back home, hoping to make the most of my 2 week holiday. I had planned not to let anything in my way  to spending a fun-filled vacation, a “long deserved break”, or so I’d convinced myself. Lately my life has always been about me, and that is all the pronoun I remember. I’ve been on my own for so long that I’ve forgotten how to trust anyone else but myself. I live by the words “If you wanna get something done, do it yourself”. Sometimes it’s easier that way, cos’ if something goes wrong, I’ve only myself to blame, and I can live with that.

-In the big city, we get lost in our own world, our worries and troubles, our joys and happiness, forgetting the pain and suffering that surrounds us. We are just so busy with our lives, trying to achieve so much, but forgetting how to enjoy the simple moments that life provides. We do everything for a reason, a reason that requires more doing, which is done for a reason, a vicious circle indeed, but sometimes we need to do other things for no reason at all, to break free, to feel alive again.

-With all the technology in the world and we still can’t get rid of poverty. The rich-poor divide widens more and more each day, and no one has the time to care, to spare a brief moment to stop and stare. We let the flow of life take us where it does, and we are happy cos’ we become a part of something, well, that is just what we become.. a “part” of something. We don’t need to travel the world to see this divide, it’s right outside everyone’s doorstep, its real too, yet we chose to ignore it.

-We choose our leaders and fear their rule, isn’t democracy supposed to be the other way round? On their high horse they embrace all things good with one hand, while they shake the hand of evil with the other. If these are the leaders we so chose, I fear for the people who chose them….. lets not get into politics now..

-Sometimes I feel suffocate figuring out answers to questions like.. are we making the best of ourselves? Are we making any difference to make the world a better place? Does “Random acts of kindness” really work? How do I help the helpless, give food to the needy, cos’ praying for them hasn’t changed much really? Is it right to worry about my future when there are millions who have none? If Christmas is the season to give, why do we get so much more? Am I a good person if I look the other way when beggars approach? Is it so hard to be religious and be a good citizen at the same time?

– Having said all that, I know that this year end will roll away once again, and I will spend my holidays like every other year, caring but not making any effort to bring happiness to others, but rather scavenging it for my own self, looking on a new year filled with hope at first, but being bogged down so much by things to do and things that need to be done, that it would soon be over again too early. The whole year will be spent, once again, pursuing happiness, but at the end of the year, realizing that I had brought myself no more, if not none, closer to my goal, and yet life will go on..

– Happy holidays to the handful who frequent this space, sorry if I’d bummed you out by the end. Peace!



I’ve been growing my hair for the past few months now, just to change my look, save the salon money for beer, and mainly to cover the male pattern baldness that has developed over the years. I’ve tried a close crop of the hair, but the bald patches stand out like a drunk Mika in the middle of a rap battle, not that I have anything against colorful people, I just think they’re.. queer! hehe.. So, longer locks it is!
One thing I’ve noticed is that the longer a guys hair grows, the more bothered he is with it, although he may not act like it. You don’t see short-haired guys spending more than a brief moment in front of the mirror, mostly to check if there’s any stands peeking from the nostrils or ears or wherever visible.
For longer haired beings, the mirror slowly becomes our best friend. We make fun of girls taking time in front of the mirror, but I dare you, guy, grow yours long and let me know if you spend less than a minute each day in front of the mirror. Sure, long-haired guys may be a bit out of the ordinary, fascinating at first, but there’s nothing worse than a guy with long, unkempt, filthy hair.. of course, dreadlocks are an exception, at least one has to put some effort into it.
Wherever you go, you start noticing mirrors where you’ve never even seen one before. And you just have to admire your reflection, making a few adjustments here and some there. Sure, you’re probably starting to finally get in touch with your feminine side, but girls dig that, right? Or is that so yesterday? Sometimes being a bit geeky has its disadvantages….. oh well. Here’s what I think:
From the graph, one can clearly see that Girls spend as much time grooming behind closed doors, no matter how long or short their hair may be. They may be as bald as a friggin’ chihuahua, but they would spend exactly the same time as they would if they had hair the length which would put Rapunzel to shame.
On the other hand, the longer a guys hair, the more time he would spend combing, brushing and applying thick measures of cream and what not. You’d be surprised how much a guy would be willing to spend on hair products, but thats another graph altogether. 😛
You can see that the graph for guys increases almost exponentially by the end. This would mean that for every cm of hair growth, guys will spend twice as much time grooming. This phenomenon is the saturation point. Beyond this point, a guy would either spend endless amounts of time in front of the mirror, or simply go berserk, which is clearly evident from some Hindu Sadhus and Death Metal bands. Guys can’t simply handle long hair. Period. R-E-S-P-E-C-T to girls.
At one point, both the lines intersect, and the Guys actually surpass the Girls in “Time Spent Grooming”. Now this is the point where you would want to throw down your brushes, smash your hair products and get a hair cut. Because beyond this point, you’re slowly making your transition from the XX to XY chromosome (Wait.. I think it’s the other way round, I’m no Bio student, but Google makes me so.) And that’s not cool.
This is the 2nd time in my whole life I’ve grown my hair beyond the normal GUY-length, the earlier time was a disaster, as some of my acquaintances would attest fervently to. But this time, away from their ridicule and advice, I will unfurl my locks on Christmas and that will be worth blogging. Until then, grow, hair, grow your friggin’ roots off (But please don’t fall)!



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