Life, Computers and everything else

I recently upgraded my computer. The old one I had been using was from 2003. It had 128mbRAM and an Intel Celeron 1.7Ghz which me and my roomie had collectively purchased for 21,000/-. It seemed a pretty good deal at the time. Who would’ve thought computer prices were going to reduce so drastically.

I upgraded the Motherboard to an Asus M3* series with in-built 512mb Nvidia Graphics, AMD PhenomII Tri-core and 2GB of RAM. It cost me 17,500/- after a lot of bargaining. Pretty good deal, I think! I didn’t change the cabinet or the SMPS, that will be upgraded later with the RAM (READ: No more funds).

I got a few games and have kinda been addicted all over again. Also, I started playing Mafia wars on Facebook exactly 2 days back and I’ve been hooked ever since. (I knew it was a bad idea!). I heard it was addictive but didn’t think I would be much of a victim. Now, all I think about is increasing my energy so that I can do more jobs, get more money, fight more gangsters.. etc etc.. I need a life!

Last night, I was with Lara, exploring Mexican Jungles to find Thor’s Belt located beneath Aztec ruins, while fighting off cougars and poachers. Before that, I parkour-ed my way around rooftops with Faith, dodging cops and bullets to deliver messages in the new and realistic game “Mirror’s Edge”. It was 3:30am when I finally slept and had to get up before 10am to be in time for work. We’ve really come a long way from playing Pong on Atari and Mario, Battle Tanks, Zelda etc. on Nintendo. Not to mention flying kites, riding BMXs and making Parachutes from Polythene bags tied to stones.

I guess in a way, I kinda felt our generation had experienced the best there is. Today, kids aren’t so safe outside as back then. No hills to fly kites, only rooftops. Novels are discarded for serials, movies and sit-coms, suppressing imagination. Information is available at the press of a button, when we had to actually “Research” on something to find relevant data (Gives a whole new meaning to the word, doesn’t it?).

And song lyrics!! Man! I’m sure many of you remember those famous YEARBOOKS. I never owned one, but borrowed a few. There was this guy at school who would manage to get lyrics of the latest songs, and that was a big thing back then. Imagine my excitement the first time I got online and found www.lyrics.com ( Back then, I thought the internet was kinda like, if you want something, prefix www. and add .com at the end! That was how I managed to get to www.drewbarrymore.com, who was my fav. actress!)

Speaking of Fav. actresses reminds me of those Slam Books, especially the Hand-Made ones. Then, there was the Green Bag, Man!! Were we lame back then!! I think school was just an endless plethora of one Fad followed by another, some even simultaneously co-existing in tandem. Here’s the list of Fads I’m sure some of you have gone through:

1. Wearing school sweaters, even on a hot summers day

2. Playing marbles on school grounds

3. Terrorizing kids playing marbles on school grounds

4. Buying Alu-chop/Momo as side-dish for lunch

5. Hairep + Vur / Alu + Papawr / Vai pa Mix

6. Sucking Acid from the tie-tip while in class

7. Exchanging comics / game catridges

8. Beef soup after school.. etc etc.. 

Life was so much simpler back then… Guess I’m showing signs of growing old. Oh well..


9 Responses to “Life, Computers and everything else”

  1. July 10, 2009 at 1:26 am

    I’m smiling. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I used to play PC games religiously but haven’t played a game in the last year and a half. This summer vacation though, my good friend gave me Mirror’s Edge and I played night and day for two days until I got through to the end… which was a bit of an anticlimax I must admit. After that I was biting innocent bystanders for their blood in the World of Darkness for a few days more… before I managed to stop 😀

    And yes, I used to have a thing for wearing sweaters once in middle school, and I did have a GREEN school bag at XI and XII! Never knew (still don’t) how to play marbles though.

    I remember searching for lyrics and guitar tabs on the internet like crazy… now I have a plug-in on my Winamp that immediately searches and displays lyrics… we’ve come a long way!

    Whew! I’ll stop now.

  2. July 10, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    I did almost everything you mentioned, except “Sucking Acid from the tie-tip while in class”.Dawhkan hnuaiah nihawichi kan kheh char char thin. I remember those yearbooks, you’re talking about the fat ones that come from “khawchhak”, right? It used to be real expensive, and only the rich kids would have it, and we used to borrow it from them.

    So you’ve started playing Mafia Wars? It’s fun, isnt it? The robbing and the mugging and the gang wars and the money laundering, it’s so lifelike. But please don’t do it in real life 🙂

  3. 3 Makima
    July 10, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    I still remember Pa Rinmawia playing video games with one hand, his other arm broken and in a cast.

    I remember Mrp-i had typewritten lyrics of Mr. Big’s “Just Take My Heart” while she was in PC Girls! My sister borrowed it and left for college without returning it and it eventually got lost. Imagine the guilt that haunted me for the next few years. Such was the value of lyrics back then. Any lyrics that came along, we would learn every word of it by-heart. I still remember every word of Just Take My Heart 🙂

    And yes, those Yearbooks were prized possessions. They circulated forever until they came apart… then the pages would circulate further 🙂 Oh… I remember finding an old Yearbook in your house long ago, first few pages gone… janet jackson’s black cat picture, which was the 4th or 5th page, had become the “cover” with my brothers name written on it. I guess you forgot to return some of the yearbooks you borrowed haha

  4. 4 NotGood
    July 10, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    @Andy: Looking back, I think the green bag was one of the biggest fad ever, and wearing it really-really low was HIP for the time. I even forgot to mention the customized geometry boxes, decorated with clippings of the then-celebrities, wrapped in adhesive tape. 😛

    @Aduhi: The funny part about those yearbooks was that some lyrics were really incorrect and yet we never minded. It was useful when getting together and singing cos’ it even had the guitar chords and stuff. Wonder where they went!! And yes, mafia wars is so addictive I think I might consider giving up. I just can’t seem to get enough cash or energy, they take too much time to recover and I don’t have the patience for it. I’m at level 14 and my upkeep is fast catching up with my Income… ARRRGGHH!!

    @Makima: Typewritten.. hehe.. so yesterday!! About THAT yearbook, I learnt playing the guitar with it, some of the ones I remembered was MLTR’s Someday, Scorpions’ You and I and some Backstreet Boy’s songs.. Like Video killed the radio star, I guess the Internet killed a lot of stuff from our childhood which would never be experienced again.

  5. July 13, 2009 at 11:16 am

    Try MMORPG games… you’ll be hooked to them too! Tribal Wars, Travian, Ikarium, even NeoPets. lolz.

    Yeah I miss those good ol days. Forget Year Book, it was difficult getting access to the Year Books, so we used to write it down on our “Song books”. I had the entire GnR lyrics then… We used to get the lyrics manually from our walkman, and rewind them using a Reynolds pen. And if somebody got a new lyrics nobody has, we’d be immediately group copying that particular lyrics. lolz. And then year books entered the scene and we stopped writing on our song books.

    And playing Space Invaders on that crappy joystick controlled Atari console! lolz… Things improved after Nintendo, Sega, etc entered the market. My first PC had 2GB storage, and my friends were like… “2 GB!!! Who needs that much space???” lolzzzzz.

  6. July 13, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    In 1981, referring to computer memory, Bill Gates said, “640K (roughly 1/2 of a megabyte) ought to be enough for anybody… 🙂 .. I highly recommend Far Cry.. not a new game but with your upgrade you’ll enjoy this… well at least i did….i have only 512mb of RAM..

    Buying Alu-chop… and eating it during classes :-). It was a special skill. [Sitting in the backbench recommended highly recommended ]. ..Although when the actual break came we’d be left with an empty tiffin box…

  7. 7 NotGood
    July 13, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    @Kima: NeoPets sounds pretty addictive.. 😛 I forgot the trusty Reynolds 045 pen, the best tool for rewinding those tapes when you wanna save battery on your walkman.. Other tools, although not as effective, were nailcutters, tweezers, scissors and those flat popsicle sticks..
    The first computer I had was 32MB RAM and ran MS-DOS with a B/W monitor, we had to access the windows directory and type WIN.exe to load WINDOWS 3.1. Then we would load those, then not-so-lame, DOS games and be entertained. I think we purchased it 2nd hand for 20,000/- or sumthin. but 2GB?? That was massive.

    @Dayze: I remember that famous line by Bill Gates, and I guess he has been eating those words ever since, little did he realise his own OSs are going to take up more space than Sandman’s first Hard disk space.. 😛 I like FarCry, some scenes are pretty scary though.. I’m more into 3rd-person games like TombRaider, Prince of Persia, Assasins, etc and the NFS series (Except Pro-street!) That was a big let-down.
    As for those momos and Alu-chops, I’ve never figured why those ones on the roadside tastes so much better than the ones lovingly made at home. I still crave for those large momos we get for Re.1 a piece, carefully placed in those ice-boxes, with a filling of Squash(Iskut) and Pork.. Mmmm!

  8. 8 durtlang doctor tlangval hmeltha ber
    July 14, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    i ziak tha hlawm e…mual2 a ……chhiar tlak hlawm khawp mai…i u in i blog hi min hrilha…i lo haw leh hun chu movie in pe chhawng mai bakah blog ziah dan..saptawng etc te min zirtir ve ang che aw…salute!

  9. 9 NotGood
    July 25, 2009 at 4:16 am

    @durtlang doctor tlangval hmeltha ber, thlalak pawh thiam si, post peih bawk si: WELCOME, SIR! Nang pawh hi Photoblog lian tak siam na tham fe chu thlalak i nei alawm, ti ve tawp rawh.. Ilo lut ve leh zauh2 dawn nia, i duh loh leh lo lut zeuh2 mah la a pawi chuang lo, mahse lo lut duk2 lo la..

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