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Unsure! (Random Posts 2)

– I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to post, hence the title.

– Its been almost 2 months with the new company and I ain’t complaining. I realised here that the more one knows about computers, the less one knows about computers. It doesn’t really make sense, or does it? I have so much to learn and so less time to do it. Oh well..

– Its been raining on and off lately, mostly ON. I recently caught a cold. I guess it doesn’t move as fast as it used to while we were kids.

– I recently joined a group called “Mafia Recruitment” – something, and then I realised, as I added and accepted new yet unknown friendships, that I AM AN ADDICT. But, hey, at least I’m not using my credit card to buy Rewards Points.. Nyaah!!

 – “One man’s fart is another man’s fuel” – ME

– Thank god weekend is coming. A little relief from a world of conformity.. kinda like the scene where Neo and Trinity flew above the clouds and saw the sun, and then headed back down again.. Snatches of Sanity… now where had I heard that before.. 😛

– Growing older.. time reducing… stamina decreasing… life burdening… tension growing… kidney failing… health deteriorating… eyesight shortening… bowels disarranging… job sucking… memory minimizing… and stuff..

– One thing about Air-conditioning that really bugs me, is that there is no breeze, as with a ceiling/table fan. You’re nose-deep busy in your work when suddenly, out of nowhere, you let loose a packet of bad ass-stench. There’s no damn breeze to blow it away! It’s like NGTV’s hair, it just won’t move! So you take a notebook and try to whisk it away when your boss comes in and suddenly stops, flared nostrils. He clearly knew what had happened, but won’t utter a word until the next Team party, just when you think all had been forgotten… DAMMIT!

– Anyways… enough thoughts for now.. more later, unless I have something meaningful to post, until then…


Life, Computers and everything else

I recently upgraded my computer. The old one I had been using was from 2003. It had 128mbRAM and an Intel Celeron 1.7Ghz which me and my roomie had collectively purchased for 21,000/-. It seemed a pretty good deal at the time. Who would’ve thought computer prices were going to reduce so drastically.

I upgraded the Motherboard to an Asus M3* series with in-built 512mb Nvidia Graphics, AMD PhenomII Tri-core and 2GB of RAM. It cost me 17,500/- after a lot of bargaining. Pretty good deal, I think! I didn’t change the cabinet or the SMPS, that will be upgraded later with the RAM (READ: No more funds).

I got a few games and have kinda been addicted all over again. Also, I started playing Mafia wars on Facebook exactly 2 days back and I’ve been hooked ever since. (I knew it was a bad idea!). I heard it was addictive but didn’t think I would be much of a victim. Now, all I think about is increasing my energy so that I can do more jobs, get more money, fight more gangsters.. etc etc.. I need a life!

Last night, I was with Lara, exploring Mexican Jungles to find Thor’s Belt located beneath Aztec ruins, while fighting off cougars and poachers. Before that, I parkour-ed my way around rooftops with Faith, dodging cops and bullets to deliver messages in the new and realistic game “Mirror’s Edge”. It was 3:30am when I finally slept and had to get up before 10am to be in time for work. We’ve really come a long way from playing Pong on Atari and Mario, Battle Tanks, Zelda etc. on Nintendo. Not to mention flying kites, riding BMXs and making Parachutes from Polythene bags tied to stones.

I guess in a way, I kinda felt our generation had experienced the best there is. Today, kids aren’t so safe outside as back then. No hills to fly kites, only rooftops. Novels are discarded for serials, movies and sit-coms, suppressing imagination. Information is available at the press of a button, when we had to actually “Research” on something to find relevant data (Gives a whole new meaning to the word, doesn’t it?).

And song lyrics!! Man! I’m sure many of you remember those famous YEARBOOKS. I never owned one, but borrowed a few. There was this guy at school who would manage to get lyrics of the latest songs, and that was a big thing back then. Imagine my excitement the first time I got online and found ( Back then, I thought the internet was kinda like, if you want something, prefix www. and add .com at the end! That was how I managed to get to, who was my fav. actress!)

Speaking of Fav. actresses reminds me of those Slam Books, especially the Hand-Made ones. Then, there was the Green Bag, Man!! Were we lame back then!! I think school was just an endless plethora of one Fad followed by another, some even simultaneously co-existing in tandem. Here’s the list of Fads I’m sure some of you have gone through:

1. Wearing school sweaters, even on a hot summers day

2. Playing marbles on school grounds

3. Terrorizing kids playing marbles on school grounds

4. Buying Alu-chop/Momo as side-dish for lunch

5. Hairep + Vur / Alu + Papawr / Vai pa Mix

6. Sucking Acid from the tie-tip while in class

7. Exchanging comics / game catridges

8. Beef soup after school.. etc etc.. 

Life was so much simpler back then… Guess I’m showing signs of growing old. Oh well..



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