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Famous sayings in today’s world

Since childhood, we have been fed with wise sayings, some that rhyme, some that don’t, which, supposedly, were to help us face the big bad world. As a  kid, I’d never doubted and followed them to the T.

But as I grew up, things started changing. I tested these so-called THEORIES, studied people who lived by them and those who didn’t. I formed my own ideas based on my understanding of the present ever changing world. Today, things are extremely different from where I started.

Honesty is the best Policy.

YES. in an NGO maybe, or the Church. But in the corporate world, its a whole new ball-game where the stakes are higher and the falls hurt. In fact, the saying goes like “Do smart work, not Hard work!“. But believe me, a smart worker gotta work hard too, just that what he does matters more than what you do. 😛 My line is “Diligence is the best indulgence” (Since we’re rhyming, lets just play along!)

Early to bed, early to rise…

My old Manager told me he has never slept for more than 4 hrs for the past 10 years. He may have exagerrated, but I used to see it for myself (At least on weekdays) He would be in the office 2 hrs before me and leave 2 hrs after. Each day! In fact, he was the one person who kinda discouraged me from trying for a position in Management, I still consider myself too young to go that way.

Bottom line is, to be really successful today, you’ve gotta spend all your waking hours to the fullest, and compromise on sleep, (Thats something Im not ready to do.) Like Gustav Graves said (Bond “Die another day”) “You only live once, why waste time on sleep” when asked about why he does not ever sleep.

GOD helps those who help themselves

I guess the person who came up with this saying was an absolute genius. He appealed to the inner god-fearing believer in people. Everybody wants to be helped by the Almighty with immense divine power, but unless one takes the first step, he isn’t getting any. It’s always the first step that is difficult. So, in a way, it encourages people to work and never give up. Genius!!

On the other hand, what about the people who help themselves beyond their means? Corrupted individuals? They gain wealth and assets without any fear of being reprimanded (At least in India!) Who is helping these guys?

Eat while you eat, play while you play

One word… MULTI-TASKING!! There is too little time and too many things to do. So, Mono-tasking isn’t getting anyone any where. Im typing this post and having my breakfast at the same time! I’m a Geminian, I was born to multi-task! hehe

The other day, our trainer was taking our training while on phone with another person with an issue. At the same time, he was searching online for solutions for another person who just IMed him!! And I’m not exagerrating! One thing that baffles me tho’, is that ‘Is reading the morning papers in the john considered multi-tasking?’

All work no play..

In today’s competitive world, Jack’s parents send him for classes and tutorials after school. To his parents, Jack is enjoying his music, dance, judo, karate, taekwondo.. etc etc classes. But for Jack, it’s all work, cos’ its not what he wanted, but rather what his folks wanted. Although that only makes him smarter, whether he likes it or not.

Kids should be allowed to play without constant vigilance. Let them get a few bruises, break a few bones.. Girls dig scars, and there’s always a long story behind each. Let them learn  things on their own, learn to pick themselves up when they fall. Thats the fun of childhood.

Empty bowls make more noise

I’ve seen bowls which aren’t empty, but definitely make more noise than empty ones. 😛

SO….I guess it all boils down to one wise saying which has been constant throughout the ages. The statement was made by Confucius, and it goes something like this:

Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so!


My Birthday!

Tomorrow (18 June) is my birthday, so there is another 1hr 15mins before it starts. So, a happy advanced B’day to me!

Like most people.. hehe.. I have an Official and Unofficial B’day. I had changed my B’day date on paper to 18th July (And no.. not for the sake of applying a premature Driving License. I didn’t know how to drive a car till I was 20). The reason is a long story which is best left unsaid.

SO, in a way, I guess I’m lucky cos’ I can celebrate my UNOFFICIAL B’day with close friends, and enjoy the OFFICIAL B’day with my colleagues at work. Here I am , enjoying the strike of midnight with special ones, and I will probably be doing the same next month with colleagues. I guess the real one matters.

SO, Its been a lotta years  since I had been born, and a lotta experiences and lessons to learn. I guess I’m still doing fine, on the wrong side of twenty-five!! In fact, like they said, thirty is the new twenty!!

Lemme Explain…. Thirty is the new twenty: Cos’ at twenty, we were still either studying or looking for a job, and we were broke most of the time. Now, we are turning thirty and we are in control of our lives. We know what we want to be, and what we can achieve out of life. Our dreams at this point are more realisable!! Not like the PILOT I wanted to be when I was a kid, cos’ that really BOMBED!!

I had dreamt to join NDA, join the AirForce and be a pilot. I cleared the written twice, but got rejected in the SSB (Service Selection Board, for the uninitiated).. You guessed it!!.. twice!!.. so, I kinda gave up and took up Computers. Sucks right??! Tell me about it, I get the chills whenever I see a Sukhoi take a pass over Pune city, it doesn’t help when they have an air base close to the city, one of the few with a Sukhoi Squadron!!

Anyways, life is never as one imagines it to be. Nothing ever goes as planned. I had planned, If I had joined the AirForce, to take premature retirement and get a job as a Commercial Pilot, who, btw, get paid in plenty!! If you know what I mean!!

Whatever…. blah blah blah!!… See you at the next post!! Live has its own way of giving it to you!! If you know what I mean!! 😀


Why do i cry

Why do I cry

When I’m still alive and young at heart

And have so much to look forward to in life

Why do I cry

When hundreds die worldwide each day

While I have so much to live my life for

Why do I cry

When I am in pain and hurting inside

Since it just reminds me once more that Im only human

Why do I cry

When Im alone and feeing lonely

While solitude is the cure for my pain

Why do I cry

When I feel happy and overjoyed

While millions don’t have a reason to be

Why do I cry

When the whole world laughs

Can’t I just laugh with them even if they’re laughing at me?

Why do I cry

For others who aren’t as fortunate as me

When they cry for others less fortunate than them?

Why do I cry

At all?


Back online

A lot has happened since my being back from Hyderabad. Here are some of the events that has transpired..


As I got off the bus, I took an auto to the Hyderabad Univ. where my sisters were staying. The auto-wallah took his time getting there and asked for an extra 50/- on reaching. There was a student on the lawn and he came to help with the haggling. I half-expected a few expletives and abuses hurled around, but they were quite calm, and at the end the driver left without shaking his fists in the air, making me feel that I should’ve parted with the 50/-, it was worth it coming from a place where such incidences are less common than Indian sportsmen with manly voices.

Anyway, the city was boiling, but enough about the heat. I would love to get back there, maybe after the monsoon. The city is comparitively massive to Pune, which would be like one locality.

Fortunately, the night I reached was a popular blogger’s B’day, so we celebrated with fresh Vawksa-rep (Smoked-pork doesn’t quite describe the beauty and sentiments attached) from Home. My mouth still waters thinking about it. I celebrated a Bday with people I hardly knew, yet were so friendly, at a place I’ve been to for the first time, and ate Vawksa-rep!! Who’d da thunk it??

The last day I was there, we spent the whole day in Prasad’s to beat the heat. We watched “Alien’s Vs. Monsters” cos’ it was the only one showing on IMax, haven’t been to any, so it was a great experince. Wished we had something like that back home.

My journey back to Pune was ok. Technically the journey, they say, takes 12 hrs, but had it not been for the stupid delays enroute, we’ve would’ve reached in less than 10… oh well..


I had taken a Reliance Netconnect which is kinda like an USB device which they promised would provide 3.1 Mbps connection, and the reason I took it was cos’ it was portable, what with my temporary accommodation and stuff, I figured it would be simplier when I shifted. I took the 1099/- p.m Plan where they promised 10Gb free download limit per month.

Two weeks later, my connection was stopped and on enquiring, they said I had an outstanding balance of 4500/-. They said since I had taken the connection on 16th May, I was only to get 2Gb of free download and I had downloaded well over 4Gb thinking I had the whole 10Gb free.

A lot of calls to the Service Center and arguments with agents and their supervisors ensued. Their argument was that I was to receive a call (Which I didn’t) on activation of the account where an agent would inform me about the schemes. Seems Their 10Gb was distributed, like in a day, I had only 10gb/30 days of download free (You do the math). I lodged 2 complaints about the whole fiasco and had half-given up, deciding to take a new connection only after shifting the flat.

They called me up today, reminding me that my bill was due. I was almost going to start a new session of arguments when the agent said my complaints had been considered, and the amount had been waived off. So in the end, all I had to pay was 340/-. I ran to the nearest Reliance World and the bill-paying process took exactly 2 mins and the internet was active again as soon as I got home. Justice!! Dirubhai Ambani must be turning in his grave, or urn or something.


I didn’t get paid last month. The reason was that one was obligated to serve a notice period of 1 month to his company prior to his leaving. I served 4 days. So they said with the new rule and stuff, they will give me a cheque after 45 days of leaving the company which would also include my encashed leaves amount.. etc etc.. So, for the first time in 2 years, I’m broke this month. And the least reassuring part is that it still sucks to be broke. Things haven’t changed much in broke-back mountain.

The worst part was that I had to pay my old company for the days which I haven’t served the notice period for, that would be 26 days. And that was it! I paid my rent on Baaki/Udhaar/borrowed money. I hate borrowing cash. Period. But I don’t have a choice… oh well…

The only good part is that Im back online and I can rave and rant as much as I wanted about all this crap instead of having to contain it within myself.. and THAT’S why I blog!!

19 days for pay!



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