The noise so loud it drowned his thoughts, he failed to hear his own voice within

Sans conscience, sans guilt, It slowly grew darker inside.

He groped the emptiness for a path, But finding none he abandoned hope

And let the noisiness overwhelm the golden silence he treasured so much.


Alone in the dark, he started to plot and scheme and conspire to harbour evil

He forgot the people whom he loved, he shied away from those he hated,

He beheld his own reflection and saw his worst fear, a ghost of him, the innocence was long gone

He had become the one he most despised, a someone whom he vowed he would never be.


He cursed his world for what he is, looking for a reason but finding none

He blamed his roots to reassure himelf, he blamed his peers for leading him astray

Yet he knew if he only dared to search his soul, he would find the reason, the answer is clear

For he is the creator of his own destiny and only he can bring him back to life.


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