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Raving crayons 1

There was a time, way back while in college when I thought I would try my hand at creativity. So, I got myself a sketch-book and a box of crayons and these are some of the results which worth displaying without invoking too much bowel imbalance.
Peace Overgrown

Peace Overgrown

 Peace: A time when I was obsessed with World Peace, but later realised it isn’t as Peaceful as it is made out to be. A dream worth realising, yet will never be realised.

The Frame of Life

The Frame of Life

 Frame of Life: The stages of life in a frame, where the beginning and the end doesn’t really matter as much anymore as the stages in between.

These hands

These hands

Hands: Our multi-colored hands, the embodiment of our actions, the things we create and destroy and that we love and hate.


Obsessions with reflections

Since childhood, I’ve had this fascination/inquisitiveness for mirrors, partly from something which I read long back. It was about a guy entering into another world through his mirror, where things are kinda opposite (Your left is right and vice-versa!). The cops were bad and the bad guys helped him when he got in trouble. At that age, I think it kinda stuck in my mind that this could be as real as time-travel and aliens (Which still exists in my fantasies! Its hard growing up, if my body is mature, at least, leave my mind alone, that’s all I have left!).

Sometimes, I would stare at my reflection hoping it would do something I didn’t. I’d turn my back and suddenly turn around hoping my opposite half wouldn’t do the same. Other times, I would stare at it with my face hardly an inch away and distort my face real fast to see if my reflection was as facially agile. I really enjoy the lonely elevator rides at the office, cos’ there’s this huge life-sized mirror and there I’d be, prancing around till the next floor, and when the door opens, I’d be guiltlessly staring upwards and whistling a tune while my unsuspecting colleagues enter and leave with a ‘HI-BYE’ without any idea of what had conspired. I know its kinda lame (possibly queer) coming from a guy who’s lived more than a quarter of a decade, but everyones allowed their eccentricity (behind closed doors), right?


Ranting Rhymes

The color of fear and danger

The color of hate and anger

A mixture that is the Blackest Red

The pain and agony I’ve bled.


We let ourselves be blown away

We let ourselves be led astray

We let ourselves to heed their cries

We let ourselves believe their lies

We heard and saw whats their consensus

Yet cannot/would not rely on our senses

Pity the fool who daily toils

Pity the fool who self employs

Pity the fool who believes in change

Pity, for justice, he will find it strange


We’ve watched as our home had been laid to waste

We’ve watched as the sins seduced our city in haste

How long will it be ‘fore its too late

How long will it be ‘fore it fills our plate

How long will it take for us to realise

How long before our hopes face a sad demise

We’ve known all along what is to conspire

Yet we let it happen without startin’ a fire

We’d known all along they would screw us over

Yet we let them abuse their God-given power


When ever will the Man admit he was wrong

When ever will he repent and be strong

When ever will he put himself below others

When ever will he realise we are all but brothers

A man is he who blames himself

For acts he is duly accounted for

A man is he who fights for another self

And take a fall for what he knows is right

We need to stop the mockery, its strange

We belittle them who try to bring about change


Are we so numbed by the fate we face

Are we so callous about the future of our race

Are we so blind we can’t penetrate the facade

That we be but Zombies, driven by the mass

Too many a brave had passed away

So we can call it our home today

Yet more and more youths are gone each day

Their voices never heard, what they had to say


We can’t put the blame on what we hate

We can’t let a sin decide our fate

We need to reflect and look deep within

To accept that we all are a part of the sin

My learned friends, lets all head home

To the place we began, the place we love

Let’s strive to make it better than ever

For our kids and theirs to be proud of forever

They say “Two heads are better than one”

But I say “One head is better than none”

We CAN make a change, we’ve been dying for it

Cos’ if we don’t make a try, then we ain’t worth %^&*!










Sleep, my little ones, sleep away

For the morrow brings with it another day

Another sunrise, another day of pain

Another one on your white dress, a bloody stain

The night is upon, the dark angel approaches

To feed on your nighmares, stealthily it encroaches

Dream a dream of hatred, lies and deceit

Never will the angel concede defeat

You toss and turn in your subconscious world

While from your feet, up it slowly wormed

Its crawls upon you, the stench of death

You feel it in your bones, in your every breath

You try to scream, yet a muffled squeal

Slowly, your skin  it starts to peel

Revealing beneath, the crimson flesh

You smell your own, the aroma so fresh

You muster the courage to behold its face

Only to see its just a smoky haze

… I give up.. I’m outta words that rhyme!! :p


Strings of thought

Have you ever had strings of thought, while lazing on your bed on a lazy afternoon, during a boring meeting or whenever and wherever? I do.. a lot. Its like, you think about one subject, linking it, logically or not, to another and before you know it, you are totally off course from the first idea you thought up of.

For example, I was having one of my sleepless nights and all I could do was stare at the ceiling. I had to get up early so I didn’t want to leave the comfort of my bed lest I be more awake. So, I started wondering and pondering on my thoughts, and it goes something like this…:

Dark ceiling… hmm… kinda looks black.. like black Sunday.. what should I do this Sunday? Wash clothes, clean the flat? I think I should go shopping.. I need to buy a game.. which one?? hmm.. the new Gears of War is out.. War in the Middle East.. terrorism.. America.. KFC!! I’d definitely get some on Sunday.. Its so hot, wonder when it’s gonna rain.. wonder how long I’ve been awake?? 25 mins!! think I should get up.. naah.. Need to get up early.. wonder If I should take a bath now or when I get up? or not at all.. haha.. good one.. (*I smile at myself!).. stop smiling to yourself, dumbass.. jackass.. I wonder if Johnny Knoxville is coming out with the next  I need to start investing in something.. gotta save some tax.. (*looking at the clock).. 35 mins!! 10 mins passed already?? Am I wasting or saving time right now trying to sleep?? let me close my eyes.. Its dark again, but I can see something floating ahead.. why do these spots keep moving in front of my eyes.. that one looks like a head.. ahead.. (*smile again).. Now I’m smiling with my eyes closed.. to myself!! What a freak!! I need beer.. I need a sip at least.. else I can’t sleep.. I need…Zzzzzz….

The next morning, I wouldn’t remember the last thing I thought about, but probably the first. And this does not just happen at night. Sometimes, while talking to someone, if the topic of discussion is boring enough, I’d be looking at him and yet mentally be playing with my strings of thought. Is this an inability to multitask, or an addiction to it? Cos’ I pride myself in being able to perform more than 2 tasks at one time, and no, reading the morning paper in the loo isn’t exactly what I mean. I wonder if this is ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder? A.D.D.. hehe.. name of the band in The Rocker starring Whatzisface from The Office… Funny movie, great music.. kinda like School of Rock, but nobody beats Jack Black and Ben Stiller in comedy.. Tropic thunder wasn’t their best one tho’.. I wonder if Robert Downey did it out of respect? When is Iron Man2 coming out? I was unsatisfied with the first part, I wanted more.. Terminator Salvation is releasing this year, so is Transformers 2 and Watchmen.. Hope they live up to my expectations.. Wonder how many lines more would I have to type on this post.. I kinda think it is long enough… hmm.. I wonder…


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