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What if..

What if there were no borders
Existing between the lands
What if there were no fences
The world a vast expanse

What if there were no faith
No religion to seperate
What if we are indeed
Alone to face the world

What if there were no races
No alien to profile
What if there were no tongues
All speech be just the same

What if there were no ties
No bonds to our relations
What if we have no one
But us to help ourselves

What if we’d never feel
Emotions deep within
What if our hearts are cold
And never feel a thing

Would we still call us humans
If all of these were true
Would we stop all the fighting
Cos’ we’d be just like you.



I haven’t been able to add a post for quite a while now. As it turns out (and the people who said this were right!) it’s actually harder than one thinks to be able to add a new post regularly. Anyways, we were busy with the Pune Mizo website and the launch. We will be officially launching it on the 23rd Feb at the celebration of Chapchar Kut ’08, although unofficially it has been up and running for about a week now.  You can visit the site here.

The website is designed using WordPress 2.7.1 and hosted on We are, although, facing issues with the “Server error” which I guess resolves itself on waiting for a minute or two. But its pretty frequent and I can’t seem to find out whats causing it. I created a web.config file on the root directory with the following code:

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
    <customErrors mode=”Off” />

I’m really not sure if that’s correct, but I know nothing about ASP.NET.

Boring stuff apart, I will be more regular in my posts now, with a few film reviews, thoughts and rants and photography too.. So Best of luck to me!


Extremely taxing!

taxI finally filled up my Income Tax declaration today.. for the first time. I didn’t give it much thought last year, and I paid for it (Pun intended!), so this year, I decided to declare whatever was applicable, which was mainly my house rent. I’ve decided to invest in something this year.. anything as long as it’s not taxable… yes.. that’s the new word I learnt in the past 24 hrs. I know as much about taxes as would Britney Spears about motherhood. All I know is that at the end of the month, I look at my payslip and crib about how much they’ve cut, or be relieved when it’s lesser than I had expected (Not that I know how much they were going to deduct in the first place! If it were that, I’d probably be giving advice to other people rather than taking them!) I’m just glad I’m going to save some this year.

Tax Rant:

taxmonsterPaying Income Tax is one thing, but having to stand in line to do it is just a pain in the neck. Why don’t they just come to our homes and collect the damn receipts or whatever? And as if that is not enough, we have to deal with not-so-pleasant IT agents while doing it, who would bluntly tell us what’s missing from our form, and even after getting that done, we would have to stand in the same line all over again cos’ no one would let you ahead, no matter how many times you’ve reached the end. Aren’t they paid by the same tax which I’m submitting the form for? How about a little respect here!

We pay taxes so that the goverment can run the country, the state, the locality. I’ve done my part, what about theirs? Indian city roads are pathetic, and the good ones last exactly till the next outbreak of rains. We still face power-cuts 60 years after independence and clean drinking water is only as near as the next grocery shop. Are we simply fattening our politicians’ wallets? Do we pay with our sweat for their so-called “study-trips” abroad to learn new techniques, which are hardly ever implemented because its not feasible in India. I think we have enough technology and brain-power to invent our own ways, we just need to channel more funds in the direction of research, rather than sending overaged pot-bellied officials abroad to learn new ideas. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. The only place they should be is behind their desks, on time, and ready to serve the public, afterall, they are public servants for a reason.. right?

 As the joke goes “A tax is a fine for doing good”, but I don’t think I’ve done enough good to be paying a fine for it. Oh well… what the heck..

PS: Recently with my minimum, nonetheless newfound awareness and knowledge about taxes, I tend to perform complex mental calculations about the tax amount I pay on everything I buy (Excluding beer..hehe) I hope its just a seasonal illness and subsides by the end of the month!




(My first attempt at poetry, so criticize away.. but gently, please 🙂 )

I woke up one morning to find

I could see through the world’s facade

Of happiness, joy and self-reliance

Hiding the insecurities, loneliness beneath.

It was utterly horrible and scary to see

The ugliness, hatred and envy lurking

Under the surface, a calm blue sea.

I thought if each had the power alike

Would it shatter the bonds we’ve known to love?

Would it divert the wars beyond our borders

And rather start within our own?

Would it overthrow the leaders we’ve chosen

To keep the ones we scorn in rule?

Would it teach us to love the ones we hate

Or compel us to hate the ones we love?

And I woke up the morning to find

Everything was back to normal, Thank God!



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