Entropy and Evolution !

A rock will fall if you lift it up and then let go.  Hot frying pans cool down when taken off the stove.  Iron rusts (oxidizes) in the air.  Air in a high-pressure tire shoots out from even a small hole in its side to the lower pressure atmosphere.  Ice cubes melt in a warm room. 

In each of those processes, energy of some kind is changing from being localized (“concentrated” in the rock or the pan, etc.) to becoming more spread out.  This is entropy, and the law of entropy, in simple terms, is that:

Energy spontaneously disperses from being localized to becoming spread out if it is not hindered from doing so.

Similarly, we,  as humans always feel need to break out, to expand and to flow beyond the boundaries encompassing us. We can never live in Peace because the universe itself is against that notion. We hope for peace and oneness in the world, but that can never happen, and thats the law of nature. The spontaneous (the unaided or undirected) tendency of matter is always towards greater disorder — not towards greater order and complexity as evolution would teach. This tendency towards disorder that exists in all matter can be temporarily overcome only if there exists some energy converting and directing mechanism to direct, develop, and maintain order.

Ultimately, however, scientists concede that the law of entropy (the process of progessive energy decay and disorder) will conquer the entire universe and the universe, if left to itself, will end in total chaos (the opposite direction of evolution!).

The universe, therefore, cannot be eternal and requires a beginning. Since energy cannot come into existence from nothing by any natural process, the beginning of the universe must have required a Supernatural origin!



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