Wanna build a PC?

I got this website from a friend of mine, and its worth checking out. You’ve probably seen the pimped-up PC’s with colorful neon lights and stuff, with massive cooling devices and over the top designs. Well, here’s your chance to use your imagination and build one for yourself. These guys have got world class products (the price may suggest the same) but the price is pretty reasonable if you’re a computer gaming afficianado like myself, cos’ if you’re in India, chances are you’ll never get DESI chassis like the ones from Thermaltake, or motherboards on offer from the website. 

I once asked our local computer shop (“COMPUCITI” to be exact) about the NVidia SLI-supported motherboards, and he didn’t even know what the hell it was, although he said it would be available the next month when the new stocks come in.. yeah right.. typical indian businessman..

Anyways.. heres the website and it’s based in Mumbai. Being from Pune, i’ll have to take a trip to mumbai to build my PC next year cos’ im kinda on a low budget right now, with Xmas coming up and me having to return back home.. etc etc…

Heres the link… http://www.theitwares.com… the company is based in Mumbai, though they can ship anywhere in India for a charge..


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